Managing Links

Optional module

LINKSCMS Links (cmslinksmodule.jpg)

The LINKS module provided a soution to managing links used throughout the site.  Links (previously called Lists) to not necessarily need to be links - but can be one of anumber of types:

  • Navigational Link - link directly to an internal navigational page. 
  • External Link - link directkly to an external website
  • Text Link - Text listing, with or without an actual link

Typical uses for Links would be to display columns of links in the footer, header or other generic section of the website; or to manage lists or text areas that can be duplicated across multiple pages.

Visibility can be quickly and easily toggled for each item from the module overview, as well as the ability to filter by Category (if enabled).  Items can be easily re-ordered using the drag-n-drop functionality.

Add / Edit Links

Adding and Editing LINK items is as simple as for any other content editable item.