MaggsWeb CMS

(Another) PHP Content Management System for managing web content

MaggsWebCMS Content Management System is a personal achievement based on around 10 years of cms development experience and a small amounts of snatched development time.  It currently runs a small number of bespoke web development projects.


The latest version was a complete rebuild from the ground up.  Taking around 1 year to complete, it addressed many of the issues flagged by previous versions. 

Improvements to layout, usability, db processing, logic and even database structures, the result is a redesigned responsive CMS with a refactored and improved codebase.

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Split into modules that fall into 3 categorys:

Core modules are the minimum required to manage the page content of the site. 

Optional modules are included if required and integrate tightly with the core modules. 

Management modules are available to CMS Administrators to manage Users, Settings and access Logs.

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The modular structure provides a famailiar interface for clients to use and a core base to develop on.

Designed specifically around the ability to modify and extend modules to fit any site design requirements, each module has a simillar structure, actions, layout and functionality. Shared resources reduce the necessity for duplicated code.

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